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The rain in Ireland is legendry, and has been the source of much inspiration as is summerised by
this verse from the poem In Irish Rain by the poet Martha Heskell Clark.

The silver-slanting Irish rain, all warm and sweet that fills
The little brackened lowland pools, and drifts across the hills;
That turns the hill-grass cool and wet to dusty childish feet,
And hangs above the valley-roofs, filmed blue with burning peat.
This collection is hand crafted from either silver or gold.

"Fine Jewellery Ireland" Irish Rain Gallery

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Silver Irish
Rain Pendant
from £35
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Irish Rain
Static Earrings
from £45
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Silver Irish Rain
Wavy Pendant
from £35
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Silver Irish Rain
Wavy Earrings
from £50
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Silver Irish Rain
Gem Set Pendant
from £
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