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My background in textiles and love antique materials has been reflected in this collection. Irish Floral Lace was inspired by the many repeat patterns and shapes involved in the manufacture of antique Irish crochet lace .
This was a source of revenue and a popular past-time in the famine years of the 19th century in Ireland and is highly collectible today. This type of lace is characterised by separately crocheted motifs, which were later assembled into a mesh background. Other types of Irish crochet include Rosslea and Clones lace.

"Fine Jewellery Ireland" Irish Floral Lace Gallery

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Single Flower Pendant and chain
from £35
2 of 6
Single Flower Earrings
from £48
3 of 6
Double Flower Earrings
from £60
4 of 6
Double Flower Earrings
from £45
5 of 6
Triple Flower Necklace
from £63
6 of 6
Triple Flower Necklace
from £160
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